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IRON LIFTERS Whey Protein Concentrate 80% with Added Digestive Enzymes, Per Serving – 24g Protein, 5.5g BCAA, 4 g Glutamine, Lactose Free, ZERO SUGAR, LOW CARBS, LOW FATS | 4.4 LBS | GHANA Chocolate & Coffee Flavor

Iron lifters are one of the best fitness centers in India which provides the best trainers and nutrition to both gents and ladies. Here is a product by iron lifters, whey protein concentrate. It is added with 80 % of digestive enzymes. per serving it contains 24g of protein, 5.5g BCAA, and 4 g glutamine. It is free from sugar and lactose. It has low carbs and low fat. It comes in two sizes 6 Lbs and 3Lbs and with two flavors of chocolate and coffee.

Iron lifters whey protein is a 100% imported protein concentrate powder supplement that provides you with 24g of protein in 12g of serving size.

Whey concentrate is the most common form of protein in the market, as compared to isolated protein concentrate proteins go from a few filtration processes.


  • Complete protein: Whey protein concentrate could be a smart quality protein of high biological price because it contains all 9 essential amino acids (EAAs), as well as BCAAs. as well as it in an exceedingly daily diet could be an excellent and effective thanks to deliver these required amino acids. They support the recovery method, promote organic processes and scale back muscle
  • Muscle growth & recovery: Athletes and bodybuilders will use whey protein concentrate to fulfill their accrued protein Intense workouts exert a great deal of stress on the muscles. The high essential amino acid content of whey concentrate encourages muscle protein synthesis and repair of broken muscles.
  • Support weight loss: The sugar and fat content don't seem to be that high; one will simply embrace whey concentrate in any weight loss diet. Moreover, its high protein content provides satiation and stops hunger
  • Boost immunity: UN agency does not need to own solid immune health? Intake of whey protein concentrate will facilitate bringing home the bacon because it promotes the synthesis of a robust inhibitor - glutathione within the
  • Easy to digest: Whey protein concentrate is simple to digest because it is fast-acting and quickly provides amino acids to the Thanks to this ability, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders like taking it post-workout for a speedy recovery. However, someone with a sensitive gut may notice it is a touch tough to digest whey protein concentrate. Such individuals will pick whey protein isolate or product.


  • It contains 5.2 g BCAA,4.2 g glutamine and 2.6g per
  • Our supplements are in the freshest and purest forms available
  • It is free from gluten and artificial
  • It is a protein shake that you can have everyday without getting bored of it .
  • It can be used by both men and women who are trying to build muscle .
  • It improves joint strength and structure .
  • It also helps to improve muscle and joint flexibility.
  • It aids in pre-workout recovery.
  • It is available in a variety of flavors to give your taste buds a blast of good taste and to maintain your daily protein intake.
  • It can also be used by pregnant and lactating women to meet the d increased protein needs.

Side Effects

Some folks that area units allergic to exploit are also specifically allergic to whey. However, overwhelming terribly high doses will cause:

  1. stomach pains
  2. cramps
  3. reduced appetency
  4. nausea
  5. headache
  6. fatigue

Consistent high doses of whey protein may additionally cause skin disorders. From a nutritionary purpose of reading, whey protein is incredibly uncommon and doesn't have a natural equivalent.

Some folks believe that there are unit risks from nutritionally refined foods like these, because, though they contain tons of nutrients, the balance is heavily tipped towards protein.


What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is the supermolecule derived from milk throughout the cheese-making method. its high levels of essential amino acids and BCAA. Whey may be a fast-digesting, convenient supply of protein and therefore the most well-liked sports nutrition product owing to its higher biological worth.

Why ought we elect Whey?

Protein powders unit a fast and straightforward methodology to urge a high quantity of protein while not having ample preparation time for a full meal or normal protein diet, particularly in the morning or presently when exercising. The extremely bioavailable Whey protein is the most convenient thanks to getting the unimaginable dose of amino acids that stimulate muscle growth and recovery.

How is Whey totally different from different proteins?

The real issue that sets Whey aside from different protein supplies is its highest biological worth (BV) of the other protein source, which means it's a lot of efficiently absorbed and utilized for muscle-building functions than the other protein supply. Whey protein digests quicker and is absorbed comparatively with efficiency compared to different proteins.

Is the raw Whey digestible easily?

Certainly affirmative, there won’t be a priority in digesting the raw Whey. Generally, folks don't like chemical change enzymes as they're made naturally in our system. Those that need the help of external enzymes for digestion will consume the merchandise with papaya or fruit crush that contains natural chemical change enzymes.

Am I able to take whey protein concentrate for weight loss?

A weight watcher may also take whey protein concentrate to turn, no ought to worry regarding the disaccharide and fat content. Modify the number of alternative fat and carb-rich foods within the diet consequently to relish the healthy edges of whey concentrate.

What's the simplest time to consume whey Protein concentrate?

Whey protein concentrate will simply be enclosed within the diet and brought at any time of the day. For general well-being, it's an ideal mid-day snack, breakfast or hour potable. folks with regular exercise schedules ought to like having their whey concentrate shakes post their elbow grease or sports sessions.

Am I able to take whey protein concentrate while not exercising?

One will consume whey concentrate albeit not elbow grease to realize daily protein desires via a healthy supply. However, it boosts muscle growth, and helps the U.S. keep healthy and in the form once paired with regular workouts.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Karan Sana
    Worth every penny

    great coffee flavored nutrition, now enjoying goodness of muscle building in coffee flavor, great packaging and overall value for product!

    Animesh Raj
    Perfect product!

    Loved the taste and the packaging! The sweetness is really perfect. I tried baking and mixing it in oatmeal and it was perfect for it! Highly recommend it

    Ankit Raj
    Must buy!

    Nice flavor and taste. I have tried a large number of brands and this is one of the best. Must for post workout. Replace fatigue catabolic state body with anabolic state. Also consume carbs with good fats after workout to cover energy need

    NiLeSH jAiN

    very happy with the taste, this is the first time I used a protein product to supplement my work outs, feeling very energetic and active
    highly recommended!